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Tredair Anti-Fatigue Comfort Rubber Mats

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Tredair Anti-Fatigue Comfort Rubber Mats

Tredair Anti-Fatigue Rubber Comfort Mats are the ultimate in comfort. Honeycombed air cells give resilience and provide long-lasting foot and leg comfort while decreasing back fatigue. Increased comfort translates into productivity and wellness.


A cushioned mat approximately 7/16" thick. Underside constructed of numerous honeycombed, square, air cells giving resilience and foot comfort. Interlocking and beveled edge design allows flexibility to form custom lengths. Easy to install.


To help prevent body fatigue, increase productivity and cut down on accidents.


Promotes sure-footed walking. Reduces foot, leg, and back fatigue and provides workers with a comfortable work atmosphere. Also reduces tool and glass breakage.


Airports, Banks, Barber Shops, Beauty Salons, Hospitals, Hotels, Kitchens, Libraries, Post Offices, Restaurants, Retail & Department Stores, Schools, Supermarkets, and most anywhere people are standing for extended periods of time.

Single TredAir Anti-Fatigue Rubber Comfort Mat
TredAir Anti-Fatigue Rubber Comfort End Mat with single interlocking edge TredAir Anti-Fatigue Rubber Comfort Center Mat with two interlocking edges Backside of TredAir Anti-Fatigue Rubber Comfort Mat featuring numerous honeycombed air cells to provide resilience and comfort
Type Interlocking
Single Mat none 28" x 36" 7/16" 9.17 lb
Interlocking End 1 28" x 36" 7/16" 9.17 lb
Interlocking Center 2 28" x 36" 7/16" 9.17 lb